PC Repair and Virus Removal

We can clean up and update your Mac or PC computer quickly.

PC Repair/Upgrades

At Corporate Network Solutions, we can solve all of your computer repair and upgrade needs.

Is your PC or laptop crashing all the time with odd errors and messages?  Maybe your computer shuts down all by itself?  The computer you bought just a few years ago not running like it should? No problem, we are here to help! We’ve been helping businesses in the Cleveland, TN area with their PC repair needs for more than a decade. Let us help you too!


  • >Hardware Repair and Replacement
  • >Computer Upgrades
  • >Virus Removal
  • >Memory Upgrades
  • >Software Upgrades
  • >System Cleanup
  • >Much More!

Speed Up Your PC And Get Back To Business

When you first bought your computer, did it run amazingly fast but now it is running slow? We can restore the speed and performance back to your PC or laptop! Just as a car needs regular tune-ups and oil changes, your computer requires regular maintenance to ensure it performs at its very best.  Bring us your laptop, notebook, or desktop PC and let us give it a full service tune-up.

Laptop and Notebook Repair – Even Cracked Screens!

Did you drop your laptop or notebook computer and the screen is cracked?  You came to the right place!  We are experts at laptop and notebook repairs and are ready to help you get back up and running quickly!

Get Rid Of Viruses and Spyware

Tired of pop-ups and warnings about spyware and adware infections? Are you concerned that you might have a virus or malware and you don’t know what to do? Let our group of experts get rid of the viruses that are infecting your desktop computer or laptop.  We can also install virus protection to help keep away those pesky viruses.

Memory and Hard Drive Upgrades

Are you thinking of upgrading your laptop or computer?  Do you need to add more memory?  Do you need a new hard drive, power supply, or monitor? Sometimes just adding more memory or upgrading your hard drive can breathe new life into your old PC.  However, before doing so, you might need to consider the pros and cons of putting money into an older computer versus buying a new computer.  It doesn’t always make sense to repair or upgrade your computer. Contact us and we will help you weigh your choices and provide you with ethical advice and guidance to make the right decision about repairing, upgrading, or replacing your computer.

Fast Repairs and Upgrades!

Most of our computer repairs and upgrades are done in two business days or less.  Depending on the type of repair or upgrade, often times we can service your desktop PC, notebook, or laptop and have it ready for you the same day.

Need Help Moving Programs, Files and Settings to your New PC?

Have you purchased a new PC but have no idea how to move over your old files and programs from your old PC?  We can help move your computer programs, files, photos, and personal information to your new computer, laptop, or notebook.  If you need a safe way to dispose of your PC, let us take care of it.  Many times we can recycle your old PC (after securely erasing all of your personal files) and will donate it to a local non-profit or charitable organization.

Don’t get stressed out when your PC starts acting up.  Just call us and we will promptly get you and your computer back up and running again.  Corporate Network Solutions provides both on-site and drop-off repairs and upgrades for computers in the Cleveland, TN area.